JUNE 2024
The Private Equity Energy Tracker
This is a searchable list of recent energy holdings of 21 global private equity firms, including large-scale buyout firms, infrastructure firms, and energy specialists.
APRIL 2024
93 Million: The Carbon Emissions KKR Didn’t Disclose
This landmark report reveals hidden fossil fuel portfolio of private equity titan KKR, finds major underreporting of climate emissions.
MARCH 2024
Private Equity’s Role in US Liquefied Natural Gas Emissions
This report details how private equity has been one of the Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) industry’s main financial drivers through significant investments in existing and proposed LNG export terminals.
Private Eyes Wide Shut
This report is primarily written for private equity investors – both General Partners (GPs) and Limited Partners (LPs) – and highlights the unique risks which they face from continued investment in Upstream, alongside those facing listed equity investors.
Brookfield’s Climate Paradox
This report highlights a stark discrepancy between Brookfield’s reported emissions and its actual carbon footprint.
Private equity in PJM: Growing risks for communities
This report, the third of three examining PJM, highlights the risks to towns and communities that host PE-owned generation resources.
Private equity in PJM: New risks for limited partners, private capital
This report focuses on how the changing regional power environment is likely to shift the outlook for pension funds and other institutional investors with holdings in private equity firms by lowering annual returns, raising investment risks, or both.
Uncovering KKR’s Environmental Responsibility Gap
This report spotlights three prominent KKR gas investments, showcasing a pattern of repeated environmental violations, failure to obtain community consent, a lack of accountable business practices, and significant cost overruns.
Private equity in PJM: Growing financial risks
This report takes a close look at how financial risks now facing PE and other private firms are significantly increasing—risks that contrast sharply with the previous strong, steady growth of the 2010s.
APRIL 2023
The Carlyle Group’s Hidden Climate Impact
This report highlights that the Carlyle Group’s fossil fuel investments over the past decade have resulted in significant emissions of CO2 and other greenhouse gasses, exacerbating the climate crisis and exposing institutional investors to transition risks.
Carlyle’s Upstream Investments & the Energy Transition
This report finds The Carlyle Group’s portfolio has been relatively more exposed to transition risk than almost all of the oil majors.
Private Equity Climate Risks 2022 Scorecard & Report
This scorecard and report reveals the top eight private equity firms invested in oil and gas and includes a set of demands to hold private equity accountable.